Projects Created With Love and Coffee by Bill Patrianakos

Projects made with love and coffee by Bill Patrianakos. (Note: The majority of these projects are not dead and will continue to be updated until further notice) is a labor of love. Consider it a quiet place to think and store your ideas and private thoughts on the web. There’s also an open source version of the original MVP.

Try | The original project is now open source

Fraction.less Boilerplate

Fraction.less is a web development starting point for front-end devs that know what they’re doing. It gives you a completely blank canvas to start from. All you need to do is build on it. Unlike some other front-end frameworks (looking at you, Bootstrap), instead of having to spend time removing code and undoing configurations you don’t need, Fraction.less takes the opposite approach and gives you a foundation to build up from, not tear down from.

Get Fraction.less / Source on GitHub


A todo-list app. Kind of a clone of Things for iOS but as an apple-mobile-webapp-capable site.

November 2014: Goalie has been taken offline. It was a labor of love and one of my very first web applications. It was full of security holes and badly written. However, I still have love for the project and it deserves an honorable mention as one of the apps I created that started me on my path to becoming a professional software developer.


Beautician takes plain text or Markdown and converts it into a beautiful printable document. You can tell I love writing. I’m always creating apps that manipulate text. You can upload a file or write it within the app, choose your template, and you’ll get a very pretty printable version for yourself.

Try Beautician | Open source on GitHub

The Self-Taught Developer’s Guide to Getting Paid

This is the book I’m writing. I’ve been planning it for a while and now I’m finally going to do it. I’ve given a lot of help to developers and I’ve gone through the process that I’ll be explaining in the book. Basically, it’s a book that teaches you everything you need to know to go from zero to running your own web development company or working at a professional design firm.


Sploder is a Ruby Gem (and script) for uploading files to and working with Amazon S3 buckets. Just gem install sploder to get it quick.

Docs | Source | RubyGems Page


The official text editor of Wreditor was written as a drop-in replacement for’s old text editor. It’s based off of CodeMirror, has a bunch of cool options, and provides you with 3 ways to save your files: to your computer, to, or to Dropbox. All you need is a web browser to run Wreditor on your own computer or use it within your own app.

Note: Wreditor is no longer active development but is functional and useful still



Conventional is an option parser for NodeJS command line applications. It grew out of a need for a simple option parser. The ones I found for Node were kind of overkill and complex. With conventional, you just create your application as an object where each key is a function then pass that object to Conventional’s .run() function. The parser will automatically then parse out the command options and flags from there. A better example is on the project page on GitHub.

Available on NPM with npm install conventional.

Source on GitHub / NPM Package