What's Next?

Yes, I’m still alive. I know there haven’t been many signs of life here on this site but I’m here still. I just took a break for a while. It’s been a busy year and it’s just barely past the halfway mark. I don’t have much about code or career development to talk about right now but I do have some plans for some content you can expect here in the near future.

I’m pretty sure that 100% of my traffic comes from driveby Google hits looking for quick programming tips (actually I know this for sure because of analytics) but just in case there is anyone who’d like to keep up with this site (I’m looking at you, my mailing list subscribers), here’s what’s going on with me and what to expect in the coming months.

What’s going on now

I got a new job and then immediately got married late last year. That was a busy time. I fell out of the habit of writing regularly so I’ll likely be more awful than I usually am at it when I start up again. I’ve gotten settled into my new job working for the city of Chicago and took a really nice vacation to Seattle and took a trip around Olympic National Park which was beautiful (I’ll post some pictures soon if I remember or anyone cares). Now I’m trying to move out of my tiny apartment and into a house which will be finished by the end of August if all goes well. And that’s just a short synopsis of what’s been going on. Pretty much every major life change you can think of I’ve gone through between last August and now.

What to expect

So now I’m settling into a more hectic lifestyle but I’m settling in nonetheless. I plan to get back to writing about programming again on a bi-weekly basis like I used to. Some topics you might want to look out for:

  • Ruby development on Windows: It sucks but sometimes you have no choice
  • Process monitoring for Ruby on Rails
  • …a bunch of posts about developing Ruby on Windows

One thing I’m planning that I’m most excited about is a new series of posts I’m calling “Beautiful Objects”. If you’ve ever seen my mess of a YouTube Channel then you might have come across the first video version of this series in which I review exceptional products. But not just any products. I’m mostly into music and writing so the series will start off as a series of reviews of guitars, guitar pedals, fountain pens, notebooks, and other well made “artist’s tools”. I only choose items that are truly exceptional to me and, at least to start, I’m limiting the reviews to things that help me be creative. So my Fender Stratocaster, Tomoe River paper refills for my Midori Travelers Notebook, and the Conid Bulkfiller fountain pen would be examples of beautiful objects I’d be reviewing. I’ll have a whole category for it so look out for that soon. If you do creative work, like writing, or write music then this series is definitely for you.

I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do in the programming world. Even though I’m working in it every day, my work doesn’t really allow me to play with the latest and greatest tools. It’s government work so we’re always a little behind the times. Plus it’s been so busy that I haven’t had much time to write code for fun. But I will. I need to. If I don’t I’m afraid I’ll become a dinosaur developer like I’ve always feared.

So I’m not dead. This site isn’t dead. I’m not sure who I’m writing this for other than myself and to let Google know that this is still an active site it should index but if you read this far, thank you. I’ll write something more interesting soon. See you next time.


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