The Only SEO Tips You Need

So I previously said SEO is bullshit. I still believe that but only to the extent that professional SEO’s are mostly bullshit artists and it’s hard to find a real pro. Regardless here are some tips that I’ve personally seen work for others and myself (going from a brand new site to 10,000 visitors a day) within a few months. Here is what I’ve learned distilled into a listicle:

A page is a document

Think of your website like a book. The homepage is the title and table of contents. Each page below that has a topic and one topic only. Optimize your pages for one specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Use semantic markup

Use the correct HTML elements to describe content on your page. Enough said.

Make your site accessible

If a screen reader can read and understand your site then so can the most ancient web crawlers. Learn about Aria roles, WCAG, and check out WebAIM.

Let CSS do the heavy lifting

So maybe you think you need to rearrange your markup in a way that makes it out of order in order to get that perfect layout and design. Resist the urge. Write your markup in order just like you would a text document and let CSS do the job of laying out and designing your page.

Collect data

Start with Google Analytics. Then add in keyword research. Use that data to your advantage only after you’ve established a baseline for your data (give it at least 3 months).

Use social media and backlinks

This is the last thing you want to focus on. You can sign up for the accounts early on but don’t start getting heavily involved with it until after your site is finished and has actual content worth sharing. And when it comes to sharing don’t be random. Come up with a plan. I won’t tell you how to do that but there are plenty of sites out there that’ll show you how to use social media and get back links when the time is right. Remember. This is the last tip for a reason.

Use the data you collected

Once you’re a few months in, check out that organic search traffic data you’ve collected via Google Analytics and start using it strategically.

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