Mobile First Is Now Mandatory

About six years ago I started really getting into the idea of Mobile First design for the web. At the time this was a newer concept. Up until then everyone was focused on responsive design and making sure that sites scaled down nicely. We’ve come to a point now where scaling down is the wrong way to go about design. It’s no longer optional to think of mobile first and scale your designs up from mobile instead of scaling down from desktop these days.

We’re at the point now where most people browse the web from their phones. Website visits from mobile devices vs. desktop browsers are about equal and more and more we’re seeing mobile visits top desktop visits.

I’ve been a bit of a hold out with this. I’ve modeled a lot of my front-end frameworks off of desktop first responsive/fluid grids. Now I can no longer ignore mobile and pretend that scaling down a site is good enough.

I don’t have any advice for you to get started with mobile first design. All I can say is that mobile-first has won and if you’re not using a mobile-frist strategy starting now in 2016 then you’re risking people looking at you like you still lay out grids using tables.

Mobile has won. Native apps have not won. The mobile web isn’t going anywhere and app-ifying websites is mostly a waste of time but those websites you do build better have been built with mobile in mind before desktop.

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