What Do PageRank Numbers Mean?

Every now and then I get caught up in an SEO fever and decide to check my Google Analytics, PageRank, and Alexa stats. One thing I’m always forgetting is what do the PageRank numbers mean. Now, for my own future reference and amusement, I have them right here:


You’re not listed. Google doesn’t even know you exist. You’ve got problems.


Very poor. Your site has no authority and no one cares about it. But hey, at least you’re listed!


Still poor but not as pathetic as 1 (by the way, as of this writing, this site is at 1 so don’t feel bad if you are too). The nice thing about being a 2 is that it shows you have potential to improve.


Average. Most sites are a 3.


Above average. You’re doing pretty well. Write.app has a PR of 4. Just sayin’.


Good! Better than average. There’s a good chance you can be on the first page for some search terms.


Great. You can realistically compete for the top spot for some keywords


You are one of the top sites on the web. This is the goal for most websites. Anything higher is like becoming a millionaire. It rarely happens.


You’re huge. You don’t need to read this.


You’re enormous. You’re Yahoo or something.


You cannot possibly get here. Google is a 10. Are you on the same level as Google?

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