Why I Display Ads and How You Can Hide Them for Good

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I now display ads on many of my newer posts. I hate ads as much as the next guy but I still feel justified for doing it nevertheless. Over the past few months a lot has changed for me personally and I’ve come to need new income streams beyond my 9-5 work as a developer. I have a lot of knowledge and experience to offer people and so I decided that if I’m going to be giving that away for free I might as well try to monetize it.

Last night I had trouble sleeping and ended up being jolted awake at 3am with a headache and an idea. I figured out how I could monetize this site without being a complete sellout. I would offer up a way to remove the ads for good. I think the offer is not only fair, but incredibly generous as well! These are my plans for conscientious monetization.

Why monetize?

A better question may be, “what makes you think you’re so special that you can serve up ads and still be taken seriously”? Well, I don’t think I’m special but, like I mentioned earlier, I do know I have a lot to offer readers in the form of knowledge and advice. I’ve worked hard for many years to gain the experience I have with the technologies I’m proficient in. I’ve spent countless nights awake till 4am trying to resolve seemingly obscure errors on all sorts of different platforms. I’ve worked for clients all over the map in many different industries and I’ve developed not just competence but expertise in more languages and technologies than a lot of developers with my background and career path do.

Does that mean I’m justified in puttings possibly annoying ads all over my site in an attempt to make money off my readers? The answer is that the question is irrelevant. If you hate ads that much use AdBlock (like much of my audience does anyway).

But back to the question at hand. I monetize because I need to make a living like anyone else and if I’m able to help somebody or entertain someone while still making a few dollars then why not? I’m not just creating content and focusing on SEO in some attempt to obtain traffic solely for the purpose of making money. I do it because it helps me digest things I’ve learned and because I just like to write. Oh, and because developers are expected to maintain blogs these days for the street cred and to show potential employers.

How can you hide the ads?

Before the redesign of this site I was thinking of ways I could create a system where users could pay a really small one-time fee and no longer see ads. No one is going to pay for that and it’d be a waste of my time. So, if you really hate the one, maybe two ads you’ll see as you browse the articles then check out adBlock Plus or this list of ad blockers.

I’ve taken great care to ensure that when you do say an ad from an ad network like AdSense here, if it shows up as a text link it won’t look so jarring and ugly. Because of the content of this site most display ads are actually pretty pleasing to the eye so I’m confident there won’t be too many ugly flash ads shown.

If you’re thinking of showing ads on your own website to gain some extra income be careful. If you show ads from the start without an audience you’re liable to look like an opportunist. There is a way to tastefully implement advertising on your website without being a sellout.


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