Do the Scary Thing (Part 2)

I said I’d write again when I did the scary things. Well, I did every scary thing I had floating about in my mind at the time I wrote that I’m on to doing even more! You know how I’m good at doing the hard things? Well doing the scary things happens to require the ability to do the hard things. They’re things you don’t want to do but you know they’re good for you like eating your vegetables. So I made a commitment to do the scary things. The deal I made with myself was this: I’m going to do every single thing that scares me just about the moment I end up with a chance to do it. It took some discipline but I did it, great things happened, and I came across some inspiring quotes too. So read on after the jump for more of that (everyone loves quotes).

What did I do?

That’s personal but I did about 4 to 10 things that I hadn’t done in years and never in such quick succession. I basically did everything that has ever given me the most anxiety and each with varying degrees of success. Do you know what I found out? Even when you lose its worth it!

What happened?

I have to say I was actually very disappointed with a few of the scary things I tried. A lot of my fears were perfectly valid! But that isn’t the point! Yes, some of the things I tried I completely failed at. For example, I got turned down for a date that I was really hoping to get which is a fear I think most shy people like me have. I had my successes too though. Whether I failed or succeeded, though, I always felt incredibly relieved and happy afterward that I had tried this new thing and though it was scary, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it could be even when I failed. Doing this has really put me in a real positive mood lately. I feel generally good and because I’ve taken to doing scary things I’m opening myself up to opportunities I wouldn’t have had before. Before taking on the scary things there were a lot of things I had regretted not doing, I had a lot of “what if’s” floating around in my head, and instead of taking action, I would instead just kind of wait around and hope maybe I’d get lucky and get what I wanted.

So now I approach the Scary Things like I do the Hard Things. I just get them done. And when they’re over with, no matter the outcome, I’m always pleased. Of course I get disappointed when I fail but there’s still a certain satisfaction that comes from doing something that challenges you that’s almost like a consolation prize.

I’m not done doing the scary things yet though. Next up is taking dance lessons. I’m embarrassed to dance and I think I suck at it but I’ve never really done it so it’s hard to know for sure.

So I’ll be keeping this up at least until June. I’m trying to make it a permanent habit but I feel like if I make a conscious effort to do this for the next few months then it’ll become ingrained in me and I just won’t think about it anymore. I fail all the time. That’s why I’ve been able to succeed.

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