Fun With Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS is something we often don’t think of until we need it like when it’s time to set up a mail server or something. Many times, as developers, we don’t use it at all depending on what the purpose of your server is. Well I decided to have some fun with my reverse DNS. If you’d like to go on an easter egg hunt through my servers read on.

As everyone should know, when you set up reverse DNS on your server you should have it set in your /etc/hostname file and have an A record to match. In a simple setup you’d just use as your hostname where is the same as your domain name. Not me. My servers have themes. My main server is actually named after an ex-girlfriend (I know, I’m sick) and the rest of my servers are named after Peanuts characters. So I have servers with hostnames (and thus reverse DNS entries) like and and so on where “” is the name of the first website I end up hosting on the machine.

So here’s the fun part – I’m currently setting up a series of websites named after my hostnames. They really have no purpose other than to be fun and just to kind of express myself. The first one is for my newest website for my new portfolio and resume. I’m not going to put the URL here because it’s an easter egg hunt! If you do some detective work you can get some neat easter eggs.

Try it yourself! If you have a hostname that isn’t your main domain, put a “hidden” web page up there and send a message to the world. Express yourself. For us devs this is ridiculously stupid sounding and easy to figure out but if you have a relatively high-trafficked site and you put out the word about the easter egg there’s a good chance you can get a buzz going about it with all the non-techies out there.

So go out and do it and check out mine! I’ll give you a hint: do a reverse DNS on any site of mine you know of and see what happens when you visit it.

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