That Moment When You Just Know

Since I was a little kid (a little “Billy” you could say) I’ve always had a talent for reading people. Introduce me, show me a picture, tell me a story, or mention the name of a person and I could usually tell you all about their personality, habits, and sometimes describe them right down to the clothes they wear. I’m a smart guy – I don’t buy into a lot of supernatural stuff people are into. I’m real rational and logical. But when it comes to this I have to say it’s a real thing and I just can’t explain it. The only problem is that whenever it comes to a situation I’m involved in my gift for reading people disappears and I end up almost worse off than people who don’t have a talent for reading others. That said, every now and then, I have a moment, and I think all of us have experienced these moments, when you just know something. No evidence or explanation necessary. You just know. That moment is a special thing. When it comes you need to grab on to it and ride it wherever it leads. They don’t come often but when they do they’re a treat. I’ve learned a lot from those moments when you just know…

Doubt and “Just knowing”

When I was back in high school I met and fell in love with the love of my life (I don’t care how retarded that sounds, it’s true and I can’t help it). It didn’t last but it was the best time in my life. But I remember when I met her being unsure of a lot of things like if I was even attracted to her or if we had anything in common and on and on. Then one day I had a moment. It was a moment when I just knew that at that exact moment something special was about to happen. And it did! I had insane daydreams of future events and how things would unfold and they pretty much did unfold just like I imagined in that moment. I almost missed out on four of the most amazing years I’ve ever had because the moment that moment comes so does a double dose of self-doubt. Suddenly I had this second feeling wash over me that basically nudged me toward thinking I was nuts, wrong, and completely misreading the moment completely. Every time I’ve had the “moment when you just know” I’ve also had an equal and opposite reaction to it come from within me. Now that I recognize it I know it’s actually a confirmation that I’m on to something.

So, lesson #1: When you have a moment where you just know something followed immediately by a moment where you think you’ve gone nuts and you’re wrong, you’re most likely on to something.

Read the signs

Sometimes when we want something but don’t know how to get it or don’t believe we’re worthy of it, we find ways to read every sign like its opposite day. Everything you see that tells you you’re on the right track you’ll dismiss as wishful thinking which then sets you back even further. I don’t know how else to put it and it’s tough to prove but our gut knows more than we give it credit for. We need to listen to our gut more. The next time you start making up reasons why you’re wrong about that cute girl liking you or think you’re undeserving or incapable of a promotion at work after having that initial flutter of “just knowingTM”, you’re probably wrong about the former and your gut is trying to tell you something.

Lessong #2: Listen to your gut. Your brain should be relied upon for cold logic and reasoning but there are times when you just have to let your gut take over. Your gut is to always be trusted.

Sometimes we just know. We read a sign, we get a feeling and in that moment we just know something. Don’t dismiss it. Go with it. I know every time I have I’ve never been disappointed and it’s led to just about every amazing opportunity and experience of my, thus far, brief life.

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