Say Fuck You to Someone Today

I always say “everyone’s got their shit, it’s all relative”. That’s certainly true. Everyone has a different struggle and from the outside looking in it’s easy to organize them by degree of difficulty. But to the person who is themself struggling their struggle is the worst. In fact, if you were to rate any given person’s subjective view of their own personal struggle you’ll find they’d all be equally tragic and difficult. The guy who didn’t a raise at work this year thinks its the end of the world just the same as the guy who lost his legs in Iraq.

So you’ve got something that’s bothering you (if it’s not obvious I’m using “you” as a proxy for “me” and “I”) but you stop yourself from feeling down about it or letting it get to you because… other people have it worse, right? Well, if you take that route I think you’re doing yourself a disservice. I mean you can’t walk around all day feeling bad for yourself over some dumb shit but at least own it. You’re completely entitled to a bit of time to just own your problem. Feel awful about it. Get mad. Scream and hit something if that’s your thing. Then tell someone “fuck you” at the exact right moment. You’ll know when that moment comes.

Sometimes, when you’re having a bad week (like me right now) you just need to tell someone to fuck off. Not just anyone, though. Someone who gets on your last nerve. Someone who’s been asking for it.

Do this. Today.

Go over to someone and say “Fuck you”. Walk away.

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