The End of the Beginning

Who doesn’t like a good old year in review post? This one won’t be a total bore of a lame list though. 2012 for me was a year of becoming a better person but as we all (should) know, you just can’t take on everything necessary to become that better person you want to be all at once and, if your goals are lofty enough, may take you multiple years. That’s where I am. On the two-year track with one year leading into the next. I’ve got a good snowball effect going with a series of awesome career moves, skillset additions, and a vastly greater amount of money in the bank than I had when I started a year ago. This is the story of how I became awesome and what the plans for phase two are.

On January 1st, 2011 at exactly 12:01am I made both the dumbest and best decision of my life. I quit the shitty manager position I had at the new fast food place in town. I had this job for two years and for two years I had smoke blown up my ass about raises and promotions. But that wasn’t what I ever wanted anyway. That was the absolute most soul crushing experience of my entire life thus far. Not because of what the job was or the company it was for. After all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a fry cook or a garbage collector or anything else for that matter. The real reason it was soul-crushing was because of the potential I had/have. To do anything that doesn’t meet your full potential as a person is a complete tragedy and there I was, the tragic hero of Lockport, Illinois. So that night I shut off the machines, locked the doors, left my uniform on the floor, and left a very hilarious note (I also blew the whistle on some illegal shenanigans the higher-ups were doing to short the poor employee’s paychecks). I left with no money and just an idea. I’d start a web development company.

That brings me to this past year. I did start a web development company and guess what? To my great surprise it did better than I thought it would! I pounded the pavement so hard it felt like earthquake. The first year I topped my shitty manager salary. The second year I topped the first year. It was great! But a man can’t work solo forever and I was in need of some more experience (and health insurnace). So in the Spring of 2012 I got on Craigslist and applied to a few places. I got two interviews and landed the job I’m working at now.

2012 was the year I got my head straight. I became a machine. Totally focused on work, discipline, responsibility, etc. That all sounds good but everyone needs some balance and I didn’t have it. I worked from early in the morning to late in the night and eventually I wondered if it was worth it. It wasn’t. I fell into the very American trap of living to work rather than working to live. I was kind of punishing myself for not having worked hard enough before. But I needed to forgive myself and allow myself to enjoy life a bit. At just 3 days before Christmas it hit me. I was alone because of my ambition and preoccupation with “success” as I had come to define it.

This year I earned almost everything I wanted. Of course, whenever I get what I want I start moving the goal posts. Still, there needs to be some time to enjoy your victories, right? This is that year, 2013. Lucky ‘13. This is the year I take that money I’ve saved and replace my shit-stack of a car, rent a place of my own again, and start enjoying life. I’m going to get what’s coming to me. A nice life, a nice wife(?), and all the things I was working so hard all this time for and more.

2012 was a great year to me. It had victories and defeats. It had drama, love, action, and just about everything it takes to make a great movie script, actually. This year I expect more of the same but better. More and better career opportunities, personal side project launches, meeting a nice girl, enjoying the company of friends while I’m young and still can, and taking all I’ve earned and making the most of it this new year. Happy new year.

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