In Need of Recharging

Today I tried to do some work I’ve been putting off. I wanted to redesign this blog, do some client work, and work on I couldn’t do it. I did some other things though but I just couldn’t write code or design anything. Then it hit me. I’m spent. Exhausted. My creative battery has been drained. So now what? How do you get those juices flowing again? I’m the type of person who will just push through no matter what but that isn’t going to work this time. Working in this condition would be worse than not working at all. Sometimes you have to just admit defeat. Not often, but just sometimes. I think the best way to recharge the creative batteries is to just step away from it. That’ll be hard considering I have to go back to work Monday but I’m doing what I can. So what am I talking about today? Just venting about how I’m drained. No biggies. And I’m letting the world know that this happens, it’s normal, and it’ll take care of itself if you just step away from the thing that’s making you exhausted. That’s the nature of creative work.

Creativity, Work

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