Inspire Me, Please

I just got back from a big (at least for me) job interview and I’m feeling a little inadequate. I mean, it went well and all but after talking to these smart people for whom I’ll most likely be working for/with I feel like I need to step up my game a bit. My design skills, though constantly improving in reality, feel as if they’ve plateaued. I need some inspiration.

I want to make something cool and useful. I’ve been focusing a lot on my back-end skills for some time now and I think its about time I switched over and worked on my design skills again for a few months. I tend to go through phases with my programming abilities. Sometimes I’m all about the programming and sometimes I’m all about the design. It just depends, really.

There’s no such thing as inspiration

At least not in the flash-of-genius/divine-inspiration sense of the word. So how will I inspire myself? I’ll set about looking at really beautiful things. I’ll indulge my non-web design and art skills and that’ll help.

Then I'll need a project!

What kind of project can I work on that’ll satisfy my craving for creating something pretty? I know! I’ll just create a nice Tumblr theme for myself. I’m using a template now and I’ve always hated using templates no matter how awesome they are. I just have a need to create a custom look from scratch. The only public facing web properties that I own that I haven’t customized so far are my Facebook - because you can’t theme your Facebook - and my Twitter background. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ve got every single thing I ever put online customized.

So that’s what I’ll do now. Create a cool Tumblr theme. And if you’d like to help inspire me leave some links or a photo reply or something. I could use ideas!


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